network analysis of multi-morbidity

Morbinet aims to explore multi-morbidity using a complex systems approach and network analysis. Diseases are linked if co-occurence exceeds the expected by their prevalence

Project Aims

We aim to build multimorbidity networks in the general population of Catalonia and define their properties. Subnets represent main health problems and simultaneous use of medication


Electronic medical records from primary care (SIDIAP database) with diagnoses coded using ICD10, ICPC2 and simplified-ICPC2 classifications. Medication is coded using ATC annotation.

The data includes 3,202,223 people aged over 18, with 2 or more chronic health problems active in the period 2005-16.

Data extraction

Data extraction from SIDIAP resource, with diseases and drugs coded. Descriptive analysis of prevalences

Disease Networks

Disease associations are used to construct networks. Odds-ratios from logistic regression, adjusted for gender, age and period are used.

Drug Networks

Drugs prescribed to treat diseases are analyzed. First as a drug-use network, and second as a bipartite network with diseases.


Data extraction
Network estimation


MorbiNet: multimorbidity networks in adult general population. Analysis of type 2 diabetes mellitus comorbidity. Alba Aguado, Ferran Moratalla-Navarro, Flora López-Simarro & Victor Moreno.
Scientific Reports 10 2416 (2020). doi:10.1038/s41598-020-59336-1

Research team

Alba Aguado Principal investigator CSI-CAP Sagrada Familia
Alba Aguado
Ferran Moratalla Bioinformatician ICO-IDIBELL
Ferran Moratalla
Adriana Lopez-Doriga Biostatistician ICO-IDIBELL
Adriana Lopez-Doriga
Pepi Valverde Nurse CSI-ABS Gaudi
Pepi Valverde
Flora López Phisician ICS-Martorell
Flora López
Anna de Pedro Phisician CSI-ABS Gaudi
Anna Pedro


CSI Consorci Sanitari Integral
IDIBELL Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute
ICO Catalan Institute of Oncology


Research project PI-17/01182

Project funded by Instituto de Salud Carlos III , co-funded by FEDER funds –a way to build Europe–